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We love Kyoto and we love the world of the maiko. It is our pleasure to provide impressive and fun experience to the people through traditional Kyoto culture. At our studio you can turn yourself into a maiko complete with real traditional wigs, kimonos, obis, shoes and accessories. And then you can have a studio portrait made, take your own photos and walk around on the great old streets that are just minutes from our front door. Our staffs extend a warm welcome to you. Let us turn you into a Japanese maiko.

Many foreign visitors have visited Aya.
We are an internationally experienced team!

Aya is located Kyoto's legendary Gion district
The most famous home of the maiko in all of Japan

legendary gion district
Aya is located in the beautiful Gion district, the most famous maiko area in Japan. This area is full of old places and things: restaurants, ryokan inns, tea houses and other settings. All this is just beyond the front door of the Aya maiko studio. Come see for yourself the wonders of this unique maiko world.

Enjoy our maiko experience in traditional
100-year-old machiya townhouse

Aya is full of classic Japanese atmosphere. The studio is in a traditional machiya townhouse. We even have a tsuboniwa interior garden, where you can take pictures of yourself as a maiko (Aya is the only place in Kyoto that offers this special background setting).

Our make-up room is clean
and offers storage lockers for your things

The Aya studio facilities, in fact the entire house, are very clean and elegant. Women can feel safe knowing that we take great pride in cleanliness and comfort and security. Our amenities and facilities were designed to create a perfect experience from start to finish.
Maiko experience transformation AYA
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